Work With Me: The Process

My simple process helps me understand your business, so I can prepare to write better copy and answer any of your questions before putting fingers to the keyboard.

Meet & Greet

To begin our journey, I’ll do a quick scan of your website to see if you’re in a good position for new copywriting. Then, we’ll have a quick chat (either by phone or video) where I can learn about your story and business.


Next, I’ll send you a questionnaire designed to help me better understand your business, target audience, and competition - so I can start brainstorming some words and ideas to captivate your clients.

Quote & Timeline

Once we agree to move forward, I’ll give you a quote and set my project timeline.

Follow Up 

In the last stage of the process, I’ll review your answers, research your audience and competition, and if preferred, we can follow up with a call where we have a more in-depth discussion about your goals. This step will be your chance to bring up any new ideas you might have, questions, and concerns before I officially begin the project.