Why I Write...


Many people with great business minds will admit that creativity isn’t their strong suit. 


I don’t 100% buy that. 


I think that creativity comes in different forms, and everyone has a creative gene by nature. Some people just don't like writing.


I love writing because of the power it has to influence and inspire. I’m a quiet person by nature, so I have always felt most comfortable communicating via the written word. In high school, some of my teachers were surprised when my writing assignments exceeded their expectations. Apparently, quiet students who actually listen don’t make for good writers. Good thing teachers aren’t always right. 


So how does this information help you?


You can always count on me to listen. I want to build a deep understanding of your business and your needs before putting my fingers to the keyboard. Only then will I begin to craft the killer copy that takes your brand where it needs to be. 


So let’s begin this journey with a quick chat.