Words for Thought...

The purpose of writing is to create a feeling that triggers a response. 


I’m not going to brainwash your customers, but my ideas will convince people what you already know is true: your business is awesome.


As a journalism graduate, the importance of presenting facts and then explaining their significance was drilled into our heads. Readers want to know what’s in it for them, and facts alone won’t do the job. I’ve used this approach in dozens of writing projects already, including: 


  • Thousands of video scripts for zone•ify, a new streaming service, reaching more than 100k users (like this one)

  • Press releases for my current employer (here)

  • Articles for a university magazine (the proof)

  • Guest blog posts on community websites (check it out)


I’ll take this same approach with your brand to write powerful, targeted copy that resonates with your audience.


With a combination of thorough research, creativity, and a knack for storytelling, my words will get inside the head of your ideal customer, so that your brand aligns with their thought patterns, leading to more engagement, leads, and sales.


Let’s connect to see if our thoughts align, and if they do, we might be onto something…


People don't care about facts alone. They want to be able to paint a picture in their heads about how their lives will be different with you in it.